Next Stop Fleet Street!

6th September 2013

This week a group of senior school students ranging from Year 7 to Year 10 have assembled with the English Department to embark upon an exciting new project.  As of yet unnamed, a student newspaper will be launched online that will give students a forum that will reflect the excellent work being done in the school. This ambitious undertaking will be accessible online via the website and will feature news of events, current affairs, arts reviews, blogs, edited film footage and other ideas that are still in embryo.  As part of the enrichment programme, we see this as a news site that will be created and sustained by the students and hope that it could be the start of something very special, a Finborough legacy of which everyone involved could be proud.  At present, the working groups are divided into a content generating team and a web design team.  The results will soon be accessible to all.  Watch this space for more.  

Nick Bennett.

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