Life Skills

Each year we run a series of life skills sessions with the year 10 and 11 pupils.  Below is an example of the areas covered in these sessions. 

Day 1- Myers Brigg training

We introduced the pupils to the Myers Brigg personality profile which is used for training and development in many companies nationwide.  The profile identifies an individual’s preferred personality style, ie introvert or extrovert and helps them understand why it is easier to get along with some people rather than others.  It also gives them a greater understanding about themselves and why everyone acts and reacts differently to situations.

Day 2 – Communication and interview training

This day was focussed on trying to get our pupils to understand the power of communication both verbally and non-verbally.  We spoke about the messages you can convey without even opening your mouth through body language, eye contact, posture etc.  We looked at the five stages of communication and when you need to use the different levels. In the afternoon we gave top tips on interview techniques and looked at the importance of a handshake, greeting and making the right first impression.  We then did speed interviewing (rather than speed dating!).  The pupils all took turns at interviewing one another for the position of bank manager at Finborough bank.  They had one minute to concentrate on making the right first impression and then they received feedback.  When the bell rang they moved along the line and repeated the process.  This was fascinating to watch and some people took it very seriously!  The eye contact was so good some people forgot to blink!

Day 3 – Presentation skills training

We looked at iconic presenters, such as Martin Luther King, Obama and controversially Hitler and studied their body language, tone of voice and style of presenting.  We went through the top tips for delivering a presentation and then everyone was given a short amount of time to prepare a presentation on the one thing they would change in the senior school next year.  Andy Cunnell and I were blown away by the quality of the presentations and the topics which they raised.  Everyone listened to each person and the feedback was given.  Sam Carruthers and Henley Burroughes were picked to present their idea to the senior leadership team at a meeting in September.  As a treat for how hard they worked over the three days we took everyone bowling in the afternoon. 

The feedback we have received so far has been really positive.  We hope what they have learnt gives them that competitive advantage when they eventually leave the school.