The Seven Habits at Finborough

Changing a culture can be very subjective, so when James and Louise took over the school they were looking for something that would help people understand what they were aiming for.  The seven habits of highly effective people is the famous book written by Stephen Covey that has sold over 15 million copies worldwide.  The seven habits is common sense, the benefits to individuals of adopting the habits are extensive and therefore the benefits to organisations are plentiful. 

For the past two years we have invested in sending our teachers on the seven habits of highly effective people course which has been run at the school over 3 days in the summer break.  This is an intensive course which makes you look at yourself first, as Covey states the only person you can change in this world is you, all change starts with you. 

In any organisation change starts from the top. One of the reasons why we like the seven habits programme is because they are doing extensive work within education and a teenage book has been written by Sean Covey, Stephen’s son, which makes the learning’s more relevant for that age group. 

In September this year Finborough ran the first Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teenage Programme for the sixth form over 3 days of the induction week.  The Seven Habits is a guide to help improve self-confidence, build friendships, resist peer pressure, achieve goals, and get along with parents!  Finborough is one of only a handful of independent schools in the country to be running this prestigious course.  Our students will be leaving Finborough and entering a highly competitive world for university places and for jobs.  Students need more than great results now to get a job; they need the self confidence and self belief to really make an impact at interview.  We hope that this programme, alongside the other life skills sessions, will provide additional knowledge and tools that are required in this competitive marketplace.

The PSHE programme in the senior school has been developed to drip feed the seven habits to our pupils so the habits become second nature.  From September 2012 the prep school will be adopting the principals in their assemblies and making it relevant to that age group.  All this work will help to establish a culture at Finborough which is centred on striving to be the best you can, respecting others and their differences, taking responsibility for yourself and your decisions and ultimately being successful in whatever you choose to do.