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Geography Investigation – Traffic in Great Finborough

As part of the year 7 geography curriculum, pupils have been completing a fieldwork investigation based on the GCSE format. The topic of ‘Traffic in Great Finborough’ was decided upon and pupils spent time preparing for their data collection exercise. Luckily the sun was shining for both classes on the data collection mornings and all pupils were a credit to themselves and the school. Safe in their ‘high-vis’ jackets they gathered on the village green or just outside the primary school to carry out their traffic counts. Pupils were tasked with choosing what vehicles they were going to count and explaining why. In addition to this pupils observed the land use of the village and transferred this information onto their maps. The end project including data presentation, analysis and conclusion will be completed before the end of the Spring Term. Well done year 7.
Yr7 Geography2  Yr7 Geography
Melissa Hammond
Assistant Head of the Senior School
Director of Sport