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Science Trip To Thorpe Park

Years 7, 8 and 9 recently went on a trip to Thorpe Park where the thrilling rides truly tested the strength of the pupils…and teachers. The screams and excited cries from a student (not mentioning any names) called out through the park; his anticipation and terror bursting….then the ride actually started.

Aside from the fun and games, we were fortunate enough to have a lecture on the scientific side of the park. ‘Why do we have to listen to someone talk about the rides when we could just go on them’ seemed to be the popular quote. However, the lecture turned out to be very enjoyable and proved interesting to learn about the various components for making the various roller-coasters at Thorpe Park and the different factors they had to take into account before they are proved safe. Newton’s law of gravity, G- force, and some very ‘comforting’ talks on what would happen if something were to go wrong were included.

It was fun to see our teachers taking part on nearly all of the rides, Mr Kelly in fact experienced every one, even ‘Stealth’, a well known ride that would fire you down a rail accelerating at 0-80mph in approximately 1.8 seconds experiencing up to 4.6Gs, where you would then be shot vertically upwards 207ft in the air, and soon to be dropped all the way back down again. The facial expressions once exiting the ride was quite something to behold.

It was a hugely enjoyable day out, where we learnt a lot, and a day blessed (for once) with sunshine.

Thank you to Mr Morcombe, Mrs Mcoy, Mrs Stroet, Mrs Davis, Mr Dove, and Mrs Hammond who accompanied us on the trip and I look forward to next time.

by Henry

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