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Prep School Performing Arts Concert.

On Thursday evening, as the dusky sun shone through the sport’s hall windows, a number of prep school pupils and parents gathered for the Prep School Performing Arts Concert.  As Woody and Maisie, our head boy and girl, explained as they introduced the evening, it was a culmination of hard work throughout the year in classes and peripatetic lessons.  Prep 5 and 6 opened with a ‘When I’m gone…’, as year 5 played the ukuleles, year 6 performed using cups and the chamber choir sung.  This was just the start, as our pupils took to the stage singing and playing a variety of instruments.  From prep 1 to prep 6, everyone was fantastic, showing confidence and excitement as they showed off their talents to a very large audience!  The finale was songs from ‘The Lion King’ in preparation for September, it truly was a superb way to wrap up the year.  With Mrs Beeston at the helm of Prep School Performing Arts, it just keeps getting better and better, and we wait with bated breath to see what our performers will do next!

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