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Staff and students learn 7 Habits

Over the summer we ran the seven Habits of Highly Effective People course for a group of our staff. This investment will help us to continue to shape our culture using the 7 habits and develop a common language.
As part of the sixth form induction week our Year 12’s attended the two day teenage programme. This is focussed on developing skills not only for life but for employment. We looked at how to build and maintain relationships, reactive vs proactive behaviour, the importance of planning to achieve goals, discovering their values and writing a personal mission statement.

7 habits 1
The course gives practical tools to assist with studying, such as the time matrix and weekly and daily planning. Developing a Win Win mentality and effective listening were demonstrated through practical exercises and examples but the habit “synergise” was the one that frustrated most of the group as they attempted to build a free standing structure with a set of nails and a block of wood!

7 habits 2

Here is some of the feedback from students:

“interesting and useful life lessons”
“I learnt many things to organise my school life better”
“I learnt a new way to think and view situations”
“Until I started I thought it a creepy idea but it turned out great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”