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A sneak pre publication preview of the first edition of the ‘Finborough Flyer’

Finborough Flyer
First Edition: Monday 4th January 2016

Happy New Year to you all and welcome to the first edition of the Finborough Flyer at the start of the spring term 2016.

Each edition will prepare you for a fantastic week ahead, encouraging and enabling you to be your very best in all you do at school.

Theme of the Week
Our theme this week is Tolerance with the quote:
‘Tolerance is giving to every other human being every right that you claim for yourself” R. G. Ingersoll (1833-1899)

Thought for the Week
In Assembly today we will be exploring the New Year and asking ‘What will you achieve in 2016?’ Considering your goals at the start of a year is Habit 2- beginning with end in mind- what brilliant things will you achieve in the next twelve months?

Your behaviour, focus and engagement in assemblies continue to be outstanding. These formal occasions always require respectful, complete silence on entry to the Sports Hall building, whilst waiting for the assembly to start and, of course, throughout what is being said or performed.
We have a slightly different approach to this afternoon with age specific assemblies at the following times:
Early Years and Prep1-2 @ 12:20pm
Prep 3-6 @ 12:50pm
Year 7-9 @ 1:20pm
Year10-13 @ 1:50pm
Please ensure that you are seated in the Sky Hall at the times indicated. Thank you

Learnability Focus
In each of your subjects you will have been assessed at Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum for your ‘Learnability’.
As we start this term you will complete with your teacher a comprehensive review of each of the different components: Attainment, Learning in Class, Learning at Home, Equipped to Learn, Presentation, Accuracy and Review and Improve.
Your teachers will particularly support you in identifying very clear ways in which you can improve, to reach the next level and beyond across the spring term.
Each week in the Finborough Flyer, we will focus on a different aspect of ‘Learnability’, giving you the tips needed to be the best learner you can be.

Wellbeing Focus
‘Mens sana in corpore sano’ is Latin for ‘a sound mind in a sound body’. Looking after your emotional and physical health is very important and each week we will focus on the important things we must do to remain in tip-top shape.
This week we consider hydration and how it is so important to our health.
Water plays an important role in so many body functions; it is essential we do not wait until we are thirsty to drink. Drinking pure fresh water little and often is the best way forward and is why you are encouraged to have a drinks bottle with you in class.
We are losing water from our bodies all of the time. However, this increases when we participate in sport, requiring extra hydration.
Put simply, we need to drink to be at our best, so don’t forget to take water onboard throughout the day.

Your Voice
The Pupil Executive: Head of School, Prep School Head Boy and Girl plus the Deputy Head Boys and Girls (Prep and Senior) meet with our Headteacher, Mr. Clark, and other senior staff every Monday. If you have an idea about something you would like to be even better at Finborough, please share it with one of the above or speak to Mr. Clark directly so it can be discussed at the meeting.
In addition to the Pupil Executive, our School Council meets on Monday mornings, your class rep will gather your views and take your feedback prior to each meeting.

Your Finborough Flyer
Each week we would like to include a short thought provoking article from one of you. If you would like to contribute and develop your journalistic style, have a go. Published articles will receive a prize.

Have a fantastic first week of the 2016 spring term.