Space Rocket Seed Sowing for Year 7’s

Last week, year 7 students became ‘space biologists’ when they planted some rocket seeds in their Science lessons. Half of the seeds had been taken to space with astronaut Tim Peake and were recently brought back down to Earth. The … Continued

KS1 celebrate the Queens 90th Birthday

  Today KS1 have enjoyed a day celebrating the Queen’s 90th Birthday.  Throughout the day the children have worked in groups doing some wonderful activities.  They have done some maths posters to explore the number 90.  Made cucumber sandwiches for … Continued

Year 11 student Fraser representing Northampton Saints..

Fraser has had a great Easter Holiday representing Northampton Saints. At the beginning of the Easter holiday Fraser spent 6 days with the U16s at the inaugural Wellington Festival for the 14 English Rugby Academies, involving 4 games against Wasps, … Continued