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Prep School visit The Museum of East Anglian Life

This week, the Prep School has been a little empty on occasions. On Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, different classes have made the short hop to The Museum of East Anglian Life to take part in Science Workshops. Activities have ranged from Space to Forensics and great fun was hadby all. Thank you so much Mrs Reeves for organising sucha busy week of Science.

Thursday 19th May 2016

Prep 5 and Prep 1 went to visit the Museum together.  But we all got split up into groups and worked with lots of other schools.

Prep 5
One of the activities was a pop up Planetarium, we got shown some really cool pictures of Galaxies.  We also painted planets to make up a solar system, the sticks were different lengths so we could see how far the planets were away from the sun.

We really enjoyed the treasure hunt, because it was really busy and had lots of running around!!

Our favourite thing was Lunch….and the treasure hunt!

By Jamie Lyons, Eddie Bayliss and Finlay Canham

Prep 1
Today we went to the Museum to look at Space. It was really really fun. For lunch we had cheese and onion crisp and a tuna sandwich. We had lots of activities to do. We went to the playground and then we went back to school. Thank you Mrs Drury and Miss Steers.

By Jasmin Heyns (Written on her own and just because she wanted to!)

Prep 6 M.E.A.L