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Tennis players travelled to OBH

Our 4 intrepid tennis players travelled to OBH for a round robin with OBH and Moreton Hall. Eddie and Alfie Bayliss and Jonny and Arthur Rowland. They played winner was first to 4 games.
The children were very excited to play and represent the school. After lots of watching and time passing fast, sadly their only opposition was to be OBH.  By this stage Team Finborough had gained another team member in the form of Will Bayliss.
So games were divided up Will B was to face OBH straight off. An easy win by an incredibly talented young Bayliss. What a player! 4-0.
Next up a tougher match with Eddie B playing OBH. Both players playing some lovely shots and great drives down trams to win the point. Great play Eddie 2-4.
Next up Will B again and again an easy match but both playing some amazing shots, with lovely rallies. 4-0
On another set of courts Jonny R played OBH. He played well and enjoyed it. 1-4
As we wanted all Finborough players to play we next played a doubles with Eddie and Arthur v Alfie and OBH. A fun game and lots of skills being shown off! Well done and great fun 4-3
Finally a last doubles of Will and Johnny v OBH. Excellent doubles, lovely communication on court and team work between players. 4-0.
All in all a fantastic tournament. Here’s to many more, and please if your child is interested in tennis please come and see Mrs Simpson

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