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Finborough Flyer Edition 26 (News for Pupils)

Finborough Flyer

Twenty-sixth Edition: Monday 26th September 16

We arrive at week four and are now well into the swing of the school year.

Theme of the Week

Our theme this week is Stop and Think with the quote: ‘We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.’ Albert Einstein

Thought for the Week

We all face challenges in our lives and it is so important to try and remain positive and solution focused.

In simple terms this means being totally confident that there is a solution and actively pursuing it using all your drive and creativity. Habit 4 ‘Think win win’ can be particularly useful here.

People who revel in a challenge and are naturally solution focused and positive, always working to seek win, win outcomes are great to know and make the best, inspirational leaders.

This can be you!

As a class read Chapter 70 of Bear Grylls ‘Survival Guide for Life’. Entitled ‘Sometimes an ember is all that you need.’ It captures the essence of being solution focused and positive in the most extreme of circumstances.

Learnability Focus

This week is all about preventing procrastination.

When you have something to do, stop putting it off and finding distractions, focus on the task in hand and ‘just do it’. This requires determination and resolve, but will always feel hugely rewarding when you have got the job done.

Wellbeing Focus

Don’t forget your vegetables, work hard this week to have a lunch plate that is full of nutritious natural colour. Remember your growing active bodies need the very best nutrition and vegetables certainly contribute to powering you up!

High Standards

For the next five days we will be focusing on eating and table manners. What ever our age, every so often it is good to remind ourselves of the etiquette that surrounds eating.

Here are ten top tips for excellent table manners:

  1. Smile and say thank you as your food is served.
  2. Sit up straight whilst you are eating
  3. It is a good idea to place a napkin on your lap.
  4. Use your knife and fork to cut up your food into bite-sized chunks, never put too much into your mouth.
  5. Chew with your mouth closed (always chew your food well, at least six times).
  6. Table chat should be calm and quiet and never when you have food in your mouth.
  7. Have a glass of water with your meal.
  8. Never be negative about your food.
  9. Clear away your plate and cutlery and make sure there is no food left at your place.
  10. Say thank you to the kitchen staff and possibly give them a compliment if you have particularly enjoyed your meal.

Do not underestimate the value of good table manners, there will definitely be an occasion where your eating etiquette will be a life altering factor, make sure this will be in your favour.

Getting into consistently good table manner habits is definitely worth it.

Eat well!

Question of the week

Broccoli or cauliflower?

Your Finborough Flyer

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Have a fantastic fourth week!