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Prep 1 visit Pizza Express

Pizza Party!

On Tuesday a very excited Prep 1 visited Pizza Express on Ipswich Quayside. The children were so excited as we were having a Pizza Party and learning how to be Pizzaiolo (pizza chefs).┬áThe children loved making margarita pizza’s, they worked hard to knead and stretch the dough for their pizza bases. They even had a go at spinning and throwing the dough to stretch it , before adding the toppings. The children had lots of fun and especially loved the getting messy part, there were lots of rather fetching flour handprints and moustaches by the end of the session.

The best part of the trip was bringing our freshly baked pizzas back to school and having a pizza eating party of the front lawns. I think we might have some budding chefs in Prep 1.

The children were all impeccably behaved throughout the trip and really showed how wonderful their manners were! We would like to thank Mrs Crabb for helping out, she was an excellent Pizza making assistant.