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We all love a story!

We all love a story!

You might remember that just before the summer holidays we welcomed the team from Texthelp to the school for a Storytelling Workshop with some of our Year 7 children.  The goal of our session: to help the pupils read more, write more and be more inspired in their creative thinking.

After a crash course in the key components that make up a great story, writer, Chris Solbé delivered a serious challenge: to build their own story from scratch, with a cast of characters, a convincing setting and a compelling narrative.

Writing against the clock on laptops and tablets with the help of assistive technology, the children collaborated in groups to build believable personalities and thrash out plotlines. Once happy with their handiwork, each group was tasked to create a storyboard, sketching out the action frame by frame just like a Hollywood screenwriter.

So now’s your chance to pick the winner. Head over to www.texthelp.com/storytelling watch all the stories and tell us which one’s your favourite.  The winning team will have their story professionally animated  into a mini-movie by the folks at Texthelp and we will be sharing the results to help inspire other children on their writing and storytelling journey.

Video Link:https://youtu.be/1FCrmyDsTvw

Karen Barker