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Headteachers Prize Giving Address 2017

As Headteacher it falls to me to close this school year with just a few words about what has been a truly excellent year.

This evening as we mark the end of a great year at our leavers dinner, I will take the opportunity later tonight to say goodbye a group of young people who it has been the greatest honour for us to educate and see grow into the wonderful adults we see before us today. I am compelled to reflect that one young man deserves special mention, Head of School for two years; Jack Taylor has been a shining light. Across nearly a quarter of a century in education, he stands out for me as genuinely the most impressive student leader I have ever experienced.

Standing here on this spectacular day in such a quintessentially British setting, I look back across the year am genuinely moved by the incredible achievement and progress everyone of our pupils has made. They are exceptional!

Likewise I am extremely proud to be leading such a talented team of exceptional staff who’s positive ‘can do’ attitude exudes from every facet of school life.

Added to this the support and involvement from all of you as parents is absolutely brilliant, a key force for success and progress at Finborough.

To highlight that this great school is a very special family might seem clichéd if it was not so remarkably true. This congeniality is coupled beautifully with a unique, and for me professionally intoxicating collaborative force that unites each of us here this afternoon.

The Independent Schools Inspectorate recognised the extent of our united achievements. Whilst such affirmation is tremendous, it ultimately is just a rung on the ladder of incremental progress. As we look ahead to a new school year we have a brilliant starting point as we strive even higher always holding fast to the fact that ‘Better Never Stops’!

The richness of opportunity available at Finborough is phenomenal. Significant achievements in sport, great performances such as the Tempest and Oliver, more and more pupils playing musical instruments and dancing and a stunning art exhibition, are just a fraction of what has been enjoyed across the last twelve months, the list just goes on and on. This deeply fulfilling breadth of opportunity set aside the strongest possible academic core and outstanding ‘Learnability’ results in assured, confident young adults emerging ready for a life where they will undoubtedly consistently be the best version of themselves.

I make no apologies for my evangelistic expose of our school, I am just so inspired by what I see every day.

At the start of this week I had the tremendous pleasure to work with our year ten pupils and when asked to provide some top tips for life, the pearls of wisdom that emanated from them were inspiring, a perfect exemplification of what our school is all about. Here are a few beautiful examples.

‘The past is the past, you need to live in the present and seek the future’

‘You can’t control the wind but you can adjust the sail’

‘Search for the beauty in everyone and everything’

Much lies ahead for the new school year and I unreservedly guarantee our unfettered resolve to ensure we are the best school for every single one of our children. With excellence as our starting point, together we will all rise even higher together

As the summer break opens up in front of us, I wish you all a happy holiday and commend you to have a richly deserved break; ‘sharpen the saw’ so you are ready to start your best ever school year in September.

Thank you