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The Importance of having a ‘Growth Mindset’

Growth Mindset

I want to start this half term where we focus on Covey’s Habit 2 ‘Begin with the End in Mind’ returning to your possession of a ‘Growth Mindset’, a true ‘Better Never Stops’ attitude.

I turn to the quote from George Bernard Shaw

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.’ George Bernard Shaw

As we consider the future lives we are creating for ourselves. We can look back and learn from our experiences, however this reflection is only of value if we commit to keep improving. Feeling good about our successes and achievements, whilst being hungry for the next steps that are going to make us even better people. This is called having a ‘Growth Mindset’.

The opposite of a ‘growth mindset’ is a ‘fixed mindset’

If we live life with a fixed mindset we just accept we have to wait for everything to happen to us and something’s will and something’s won’t. With a fixed mindset, you believe your future is set, your story is already prewritten, and you just have to find it or chance upon it.

People with a fixed mindset often do not take criticism or change well, it makes them uncomfortable because they do not really believe it is possible for them to change / improve.

Luck and fate are the greatest of friends to those with a fixed mindset and they are great blamers, putting the reasons for their success or failure at anything down to circumstances or other people and never really truly taking responsibility for themselves.

People with a fixed mindset look at the achievements of others and are jealous, wishing they had the same opportunities, this can over time make them bitter and very sad.

A fixed mindset makes you give up easily whenever you struggle or are out of your comfort zone.

We aren’t born with a fixed mindset we acquire one.

A ‘growth mindset’

Living with a growth mindset is a completely different experience, where you have a strong belief that you can improve at anything. Whilst realistic about what can be achieved, you do not limit yourself.

You are positive and highly receptive to being challenged, because you know it will lead to your improvement.

Having a growth mindset makes you work hard, not because you are told to, but because you are driven to, you have to.

You are motivated by your success, but after reflection inspired by your failures and you voraciously devour feedback to help you improve.

With a growth mindset you are excited about the future you will make and believe at your core that although many people will help you on your way, you are solely responsible for your achievements.

Can you change?

Any one can change their mindset, but it is not easy and requires a lot of effort. All of the 7 habits definitely point you in the right direction and are centered on having a growth mindset.

Our School

At Finborough we are striving for you all to have a growth mindset and our ‘Learnability’ and the soon to be introduced ‘Sportability’ approaches are all built around this aim.

Achieving your best grades is vital and we want this for everyone, however it is possibly more important that you leave us with a growth mindset that will mean you make yourself the most fantastic life.

A growth mindset really is at the core of the ‘best preparation for life’ and when you hear ‘better never stops’, this is exactly what it means.