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Form Photo Challenge

This week all forms were challenged to take and submit a class photo that demonstrates the ‘essence’ of Finborough to mark the halfway point of the school year. There have been some fantastic entries and it will be very difficult to choose a winner!

7SR students represent happiness, friendship, caring, respect, honesty, genuinely growth mind set, results, good manners, the 7 habits, and our School ethos: “Better never stops”. Most importantly…LOVE. We love Finborough!
PS: Our photographer did an amazing job with his drone to make this photo possible, after a lot of practice 🙂

6MM are maintaining ‘high standards’ in all areas of our school life; this week we have considered table etiquette. We have learnt how to correctly lay the table and add decorations with some napkin fans as well as discussing table manners. As is the essence of Finborough life, we used these skills to provide a thoughtful surprise for the whole Prep school, by beautifully laying the tables ready for everyone’s lunch.

For this week’s form challenge Prep 1F wanted to showcase all of the things they love about coming to Finborough including Forest Schools, Dance and working hard with our friends. We couldn’t quite fit all of our ideas into one photo!

Reception’s photo brings together being outdoors, friends & having fun which is what Finborough is all about!

Please find attached our form photo for the form challenge. Prep 1Kw have chosen that Finborough means LOVE! Here we are dressed up for Valentine’s Day sharing a chocolate heart with Rory .

We believe that the essence of Finborough is Happiness!

We wrote down everything we feel and think about Finborough including: friendship, art and sports!

The students decided their photo would show that the students themselves are what makes Finborough, Finborough!

Our photo shows all the things we love most about Finborough, including sports, art, friendship & smiles!

Our photo shows that ‘we can be whoever we want to be at Finborough!’.

7MJ’s photo shows a snippet of the subjects taught here at Finborough (Science and Music), Revision (a revision guide), Homework (the laptop), Sports (Netball and Rugby), Extra Curricular (VEX), Great Food (an empty plate), Reading for pleasure (a book), Boarding (a teddy bear) and friendship – the handshake.

Breaking out of the box and out of the classroom to show their talents to the world.