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Prep 1 Receive Letters from Aunt Lucy

A few weeks ago our beloved Paddington Bear disappeared from the classroom. Prep 1children were so worried about him they looked everywhere for him. They even designed MISSING posters and offered up rewards to anyone who could find him.

After two very sad weeks the Prep 1 children realised they had no choice but to write to Paddington’s Aunt Lucy to see if she knew where he might be.

Prep 1 all wrote the most beautiful letters to Aunt Lucy. They asked her many questions and each question was correctly punctuated with a question mark. The letters were posted all the way out to Aunt Lucy in Deepest, Darkest Peru.

Amazingly dear Aunt Lucy found the time to write back to every single child in Prep 1. She kindly answered all their questions and told us that Paddington was staying with her in the retirement home for bears. Prep 1 were so relieved to find out that Paddington was safe.

Aunt Lucy did say however that Paddington had been getting up to a little mischief in the retirement home so she felt it would be better for him to return to Finborough. Aunt Lucy is writing Paddington a new label and sending him back to Prep 1 in the next few days. Aunt Lucy is rather hoping that Miss Fance and Mrs Williams can help Paddington stay out of mischief.