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FINQ Robot Competes at the National Finals

Vex IQ is an International STEM competition where students design and then engineer a robot to perform tasks. The competition is split into three sections – 

1.) Team challenge – where two teams are paired at random and have to work collaboratively to score as many points.

2.) Skills challenge – where teams have to score as many points on their own.

3.) Autonomous – where the robot has to be programmed to complete tasks without the use of a remote control.

The Vex Year starts every April when a new task is unveiled. This Years competition was called ‘Squared away’ and the robots had to pick up and move cubes on the play arena. The robots therefore had to move, pick up, stack cubes and balls to gain the maximum number of points. 

There are regional competitions held all over the country. The winners of these get to go to the Nationals  – this year held at the Telford International Conference Center. The Nationals are a two day event, where over 90 teams battle for places at the International World Championships.

We have four vex teams at Finborough. Adam Anderson and Toby Warne won their first regional heat and George Evans came incredibly close in two other regional completions coming second in each, but sadly did not make the finals. We also have an all girls team who were working hard. We will be expanding over the next few weeks to establish a prep school team.
Toby and Adam traveled to Telford and spent a very intensive two days competing. They were constantly reengineering their robot, called FINIQ and working with other school teams to develop strategy and practicing with each other to gain the maximum number of points.

Out of the 90 teams Finborough got through to the knock out stages and eventually finished 12th  which is a phenomenal achievement for a team in their first year of competition.

The new game starts in April and we will be working hard to ensure we get to the National finals (and hopefully international) next year. Finborough School ,will also be holding our first regional event as well in November.
We are also looking to make partnerships with any STEM businesses who could sponsor us and provide guidance to help us improve further. If you feel you could help us in that regard please get in touch!