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Zoom call with a Hollywood Composer!

Over half term, Alex in Prep 5, who likes investigating movie directors and composers, emailed Douglas Pipes, who has written music for Hollywood movies – two of Alex’s favourites are Monster House and Krampus.

Alex enjoys writing compositions with his piano teacher so wondered if Mr Pipes could give him some advice! Douglas Pipes replied and offered to call Alex on Zoom. So Alex prepared some questions and waited in anticipation!
During the call, Alex had a tour of Mr Pipes’s studio in LA and he also showed Alex how he composes on his piano! Alex asked asked him for a title so he could compose a piece of music for his next piano lesson.

A piece of advice Mr Pipes gave Alex was to record his compositions, so that he doesn’t forgot them. So after composing “Going for a Hike”, he recorded it and sent it over to Mr Pipes!
His reply, “What a wonderful composition!! Made me feel like I was going on a hike, climbing, and feeling really good. This definitely made my day, thank you so much for sharing!”
Alex also played the piece for his piano teacher who was very impressed with his work and that he had been talking with a Hollywood Composer!