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Last Day of the School Year Assembly, Words From Mr Clark.

Last Day of the School Year Assembly, words from Mr Clark.

24th July 2020
The school year at Finborough was brought to a conclusion after three glorious extra weeks by Headteacher Steven Clark.

In an assembly broadcast across the school and to this at home Mr Clark said the following:

As I cast an eye across the last twelve months it is undoubtedly dominated by the impact on our lives of the global coronavirus pandemic.

Yet this infectious beast has not thwarted your achievements and progress, and whilst none of us would have chosen to endure this, we must reflect on all we have experienced and learnt during such challenging times.

We have seen a maelstrom of creativity and initiative at Finborough like nothing before, utilising technology and uniting people through the power of video and the plethora of communication opportunities that have opened up to us.

We can all recognise the beautiful importance of human interaction and how deeply valuable it has been to be able to return to school to conclude the school year.

The wellbeing boosts derived through our interactions is not to be ignored and we must never in the future undervalue the power of being together at school as part of an amazing learning family.

Most of all when we hear of over 50% of our nations children and young adults not engaging at all effectively with education across the last five months, we have to recognise the incredible power of your ‘Learnability’.

Success at Finborough in recent months defined by the lack of impediment to your education has been founded on exceptional teachers working with exceptional students.

Prior to this situation ‘Learnability’ was an aspirational driver, now we can all realise its true power as we reflect upon the inextricable link between great teaching and learning.

Your drive to keep learning, your resilience, has been exquisitely balanced by your teacher’s determination to develop and adapt their approaches to champion your achievement and progress.

Our school family has been a tremendously powerful force in ensuring that ‘Learning Never Stops’ and we have had a huge amount of fun along the way.

I am stratospherically proud of all you have achieved, immeasurably inspired and deeply thankful to our incredible staff who have perpetually gone above and beyond across this whole school year.

We are all now ready for a break, so we can sharpen our saws ready for all that will be in a wonderful new school year.

Take time with your families and celebrate all you are and all you will be as our lives together continue and we share in each other’s success and happiness.

Have a wonderful holiday!