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Exciting New Senior School Hockey Tournament

Last week saw the start of the Senior School Hockey Tournament which will run between now and the end of the term. Students were invited to create squads of up to 10 players; boys or girls to compete against other teams on the superb new all-weather pitch located behind the sports hall. Some of the submitted teams are all girls, some all-boys and others mixed.

7 players compete against one another on the pitch and substitutes can constantly rotate to keep players fresh and able to play at their best. Goal keepers are included in that 7 and are fully protected. Each Wednesday lunchtime two 20-minute games will be played in a ‘round robin type’ competition so that each team will eventually play against all others. Because of exams last week the year 11 teams could not participate so the tournament began against two highly competitive year 9 teams. The pace of the game was impressive, and it was fantastic to see players develop in their skills, techniques, and application of tactics as the game progressed. It became increasingly competitive but was played with great spirit and gamesmanship and was a pleasure to watch.  

There are many fantastic attributes to the game of hockey but what struck the spectators last Wednesday was the great atmosphere created because both boys and girls were able to compete on a level playing field against one another. This makes for a highly competitive, exciting, and pleasant game environment. Equally, unlike in many other sports, all physiques are able to play highly effectively and can bring different qualities to a team’s performance. This was very evident during the game on Wednesday when two of the goals were created and scored by a very skilful yet small and young player. His time playing at Bury Hockey Club for the past few years paid dividends and his skills shone through.   

The next five Wednesdays are shaping up to showcase some exciting, skilful, and highly competitive matches between Senior School teams. The culmination of the tournament will be at Christmas and prizes will awarded to the winning team. We are hoping to be able to host a similar tournament after Christmas for the younger years.