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Rocketry STEM Club

This half term we have been running a rocketry STEM Club where the students could build and launch their own model rocket!  As it was a DIY build, launching was all the more exciting and rewarding. The students had to choose a rocket body, design the fin, add nose cones and recovery chutes. 

The rockets are propelled by an electrically ignited model engine which works by pushing a current through a wire causing it to heat up and ignite the explosive. The explosive then ignites the engine. The students had the chance to launch 14 rockets on the school playing fields, some were more successful than others. One caught fire on the launch pad, one ended up in a tree, one on the roof of the science block (we think) and one nearly took out Mr Clark!  We will be running this project again soon so watch this ‘space’ if you’d like to have a go!