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A New Link to Our Past

Just over 103 years ago in 1918 a 31 year old soldier named Herbert Greengrass was convalescing from shrapnel wounds in what was then the Finborough Hall Auxiliary Red Cross Hospital. While receiving treatment and waiting for his wounds to fully heal, Herbert spent his time working on an embroidery of the emblem of his regiment, the Hertfordshire Regiment.
The embroidery has the words ‘Finboro’ Hall, 1918’ written beneath and on the reverse the words, ‘Herbert Greengrass worked this piece.’

Herbert Greengrass

On the 30 September this year Herbert’s granddaughter, Mrs Pauline Holland, visited Finborough school with her husband. Pauline very kindly loaned Herbert’s embroidery for us to display here at the school. Alongside the embroidery Pauline was able to share photographs of Herbert and documents relating to him.

After presenting the embroidery and sharing the photographs and documents a tour was made of the older parts of Finborough Hall that would have been familiar to Herbert during his short stay.

It is a very special thing when a site and building with such a diverse history can be enriched by direct contact with people who lived, worked and were healed here. Via Pauline Holland’s kind gift, we are able to reconnect with Herbert Greengrass, who was part of our shared history at this remarkable site.

Herbert was born in 1887 and remained all his life in the Stowmarket area with his wife Elsie. Herbert had eight children and he died in 1984 aged 97.                    

Mr and Mrs Holland with Mr Stephen Banks presenting the embroidery made by Herbert Greengrass in 1918.