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Fundraising for the Homeless

Over the Easter holidays Tabatha from Prep 5 set her self a camping challenge to raise money for the homeless! She has been concerned with all that’s going on in the world and came up with the idea to camp in the garden for 10 nights; Tabatha also decided to stay in the tent during the day.
She had a shaky start as the first night the temperature dropped to -3; but after a quick warm up she pushed on spent the full 10 nights camping out.

Tabatha’s chosen charity is the Peterborough Soup Kitchen; as well as the fundraising she also spent time is the kitchen helping them prepare food.
It is an amazing effort from Tabatha! So far across her fundraising she has raised over £700; if you are able to support Tabatha in her amazing challenge please sponsor her here.

Well done Tabatha!