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Shrek the Muscial

Across this week Finborough School has been magically transported to a fairy tale kingdom, as packed out audiences have enjoyed a stellar production of Shrek the Musical at Dance East in Ipswich.
Shrek, joined by Donkey rescues Princess Fiona from the fiery Dragon at the behest of Lord Farquaad, meeting a host of fairytale creatures on the way. From Pinocchio to Gingy the rag tag band return to Duloc vanquishing the oppressive Farquaad, who falls victim to the love struck Dragon.
The bond between Shrek and Fiona gently grows, culminating in their love blossoming and the princess taking the form of an ogre.
The brilliant cast portrayed a beautifully rich array of characters with an incredible energy, wowing audiences with sensational singing, amazing dancing and many moments of comedic acting genius.
We have all enjoyed a very special show, another tremendous success for Mr Bridgeman’s wonderful Performing Arts team, which has included for this very special show a live band conducted by the inimitable Mr James Griffin.
The evident joy of the audience across all six shows was reflected in the parts played by every single performer. Over one hundred students from Prep 3 to Year 10 have reached the highest standard and given us all a very special musical experience.
Another theatrical triumph for everyone involved, one that will be remembered for many years to come!