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Queen Elizabeth II Memorial Research and Essay Competition

In the autumn term members of the Senior School were invited to submit an essay or presentation on any theme of their choice that represented a significant development during the long 70 year reign of the late Queen Elizabeth II.

The six entries were:

  • Fehgo, Year 11, on developments in race relations and cultural diversity 1952-2022
  • Sam, Year 13, on ‘The Invention of the Teenager’
  • Mackenzi, Year 13, on ‘Neurodiversity – developments in the understanding of different ways of thinking’
  • Beatrice, Year 11, on Progress in Gender Equality 1952-2022
  • Alice, Year 11, on ‘Developments in Sport 1952-2022’
  • Florence, Year 9, on ‘Queen Elizabeth’s contribution to increasing opportunities for women in society’

The submissions were judged against criteria that included quality of research, evaluation and presentation.
The judges were Mrs Shropshire and Mr Banks; both judges were extremely impressed with the quality of ALL the submissions and in particular with the depth of research carried out, as well as the obvious enthusiasm shown for the topics. After reviewing the entires separately the judges compared notes and reached an unanimous conclusion.

In joint third place were Mackenzi and Florence; two very different studies. One very much science orientated and the other very much social history based. Both were very well presented, well researched and linked to clear evaluated evidence. They both were awarded a £20 Amazon voucher.

In second place was Beatrice with her essay on progress in gender equality. This was an exceptionally well researched and well written essay with the author showing both a great command of her subject and enthusiasm for it. The essay made clear the progress made in terms of equality and reduction in discrimination but also made plain the changing attitudes and expectations towards gender. It was a thoughtful and thought provoking piece of work. Beatrice was awarded a £40 Amazon voucher.

In first place was Sam, with his extraordinary essay on the invention of the teenager. This was an impressive piece of social history writing. As well as being particularly well researched and written, what impressed the judges most was the way in which the theme of the developing idea of the teenager was used to shine a light onto the changing socio-economic and cultural developments of the second Elizabethan Age. Sam received an £80 Amazon voucher.

All the contributors deserve praise for the quality of their submissions.