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The Incinerators make their debut at the VEX IQ World Championships

‘The Incinerators’ … Ollie, Niles and Oliver, have only been taking part in Vex IQ since September 2021. Their journey has seen them compete in the Nationals in both April 2022 and March 2023 where they won the Create Award which earned them a place in the VEX Robotics World Championships held in Dallas, Texas.

The competition is an annual event that brings together the best and brightest young minds from around the world to compete. This year, the event was one of the most exciting and challenging competitions to date with thousands of students, teachers, and robotics enthusiasts gathering to witness the action.

The VEX IQ Challenge is open to 7-14 year old students and is designed to encourage them to explore the world of robotics and to develop their problem-solving, engineering, and teamwork skills. The teams are also judged by representatives from the forefront of Science, Technology and Engineering industries.

The 800 competing teams (China, Australia, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, Ethiopia, USA and UK amongst others) had to design and build their robots from scratch that could complete specific tasks and challenges, such as lifting objects, navigating game elements, problem solving and programming. They all brought their own unique styles and approaches to the competition and worked tirelessly for months to prepare. Their hard work paid off as they competed in front of a cheering crowd of spectators.

The atmosphere was AMAZING, the teams were so friendly and supportive.

In the end, The Incinerators emerged as one of the top 25% teams in the World, a remarkable achievement for a pretty new team to the competition. Their hard work and dedication had paid off, and they had shown that with determination and perseverance, anything is possible. The overall World Champions were StemStar-Big Shaq from Singapore playing with //Caution Tape Zap//. Their robot was able to navigate the game field and complete the tasks in record time, impressing the judges with their speed and precision.

The VEX Robotics World Championship in Dallas, Texas was an unforgettable experience for The Incinerators. It was a celebration of innovation, creativity, and STEM education, and it served as a reminder of the incredible talent and potential of the next generation of engineers, scientists, and inventors.The atmosphere was AMAZING, the teams were so friendly and supportive.The atmosphere was AMAZING, the teams were so friendly and supportive.

I learned so much from the other teams at the competition. We exchanged tips and tricks about building and programming.

Even though we didn’t win, we’re so proud that we that we made it here!