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Maisie takes to the skies

Maisie, who has been an integral part of our Senior School is soon to depart and take to the skies for the next amazing chapter in her life. It was not her initial plan after leaving Finborough; Maisie told us what took her on this path.

“I had initially intended on going to University, but after some serious thought, I questioned myself, “Is this really what I want, or is it the natural expectation of me?”. When I saw cabin crew strolling through the airport at the end of April, something inside me instantly snapped! It was telling me that this is where I should be.

It excited and motivated me to think of all the experiences, perspectives and stories that lay behind their eyes; unlike anything else. So, as soon as this notion had crossed my mind, I felt the need to act. A week later, I submitted my online application for a position as cabin crew. I looked for the best airline for me and applied; the airline I chose matched my characteristics and desires almost perfectly. Within less than a week, I received an invitation to an assessment day that was scheduled for the following Wednesday.

The process was rigorous, with over 3000 people vying for the role; as the day progressed and each stage was completed, I found myself in the final stage. Each application stage required me to showcase different aspects of my personality and skill set; and looking back, Finborough has played a significant role in helping me secure my position as cabin crew. Their support and encouragement has been like no other. Finborough provided valuable guidance on preparing for interviews and assessments, which grew my confidence in all my abilities. Additionally, they provided me with opportunities for public speaking, communication skills, and teamwork.

Moreover, Finborough fostered an environment of self-belief and determination that has helped me overcome any doubts or fears. They instilled in me a sense of perseverance and resilience that proved to be crucial during the recruitment process. I am extremely grateful for Finborough’s guidance, which has helped me to secure my dream job as cabin crew.”

Congratulations Maisie; everyone is very proud, and we look forward to seeing you up in skies soon and hearing about the adventures this new chapter takes you on.