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Amidst a national picture of tougher grade boundaries nationally, students at Finborough have achieved absolutely excellent examination results at both GCSE and A level.

For our A Level students University and degree apprenticeship aspirations have been resoundingly and deservedly achieved and we wish them all every success as they now look ahead to the next stage of their education and life.

Highest achievers were Sam Bercovici with A*AAB and Esmee Fox A*AB, both contributing to an outstanding value added trend across the cohort who sat their first ever public examinations in May and June.

At GCSE our fantastic students supported by their excellent teachers are celebrating the highest set of results in the schools history with a wealth of remarkable achievements. An impressive 83% of students achieved five GCSE passes including English and Mathematics.

Congratulations to our highest achievers Oliver Girling (5×9, 3×8, 1×7), Johnny Greener (4×9, 4×8, 1×7) and Beatrice Place (5×9, 3×8, 1×7, 1×6). All three are at the tip of many outstanding achievements with a third of all grades a seven to higher.

Our students making most progress were Beau Brick (+3.3 grades), Emma Smith (+2.2 grades), Emma Charter (+1.8 grades), Angus Betts (+1.8 grades) and Isabella Cook (+1.8 grades)

We are hugely proud of these exceptional achievements by Finborough students and our in depth analysis highlights the incredible value and importance of sustained excellent ‘Learnability’ (learning behaviours) coupled with strong positive character. These are the prime ingredients for success and we will not relent in prioritising beyond all else the development of our wonderful children and young adults in this way.

With many staying at Finborough for Sixth Form and being joined by a record number of new post 16 joiners, this makes the academic pinnacle of the school almost 100 students as we begin the new academic.