Sixth Form Dress Code

At Finborough we understand that our sixth formers are more independant than younger students and we allow more freedom of choice in what they wear to school.  Sixth formers are not required to wear school uniform however as part of the preparation for life after school, as role models and representatives of Finborough they are required to wear smart office dress.

Below are our guidelines for office dress which should be worn neatly and should be kept clean and in good order.

Office Dress Guidelines

Male students should wear co-ordinating jacket, trousers, shirt and tie. No denim should be worn.  Shoes should be clean and no trainers, sandals or flip flops are permitted.

Female students should wear matching or co-ordinating skirt, trousers or dress with a jacket. Skirts or dresses should not be significantly shorter than knee length nor so long as to trail on the ground. Shoes (not sandals) should not have excessively high heels and stiletto shoes should not be worn.

School rules realting to jewellry, make up and hair apply to all students including sixth form.