Healthy school food is an essential building block for a family orientated school like Finborough.  Eating well, eating together and sharing food is an essential integrated part of our wellbeing and health education.


We aim to ensure that all our food is varied and interesting and encourage our pupils to try a wide range of foods preparing them for life in today’s multicultural world.


Many people have negative memories of school food. Preparing food for hundreds of pupils makes it challenging to produce food that is exactly to the taste of everyone, as one might get at home. The in house catering team work hard to bring that ‘home cooked’ quality that parents want and pupils love, giving positive memories of school meals for even the fussiest of eaters or for those with specific dietary requirements.


At Finborough we are always looking at ways of ensuring that our catering continues to improve and we place great emphasis on the importance of healthy eating and recognise that healthy eating at school and in the home environment is an essential part of growing children’s lives.  We offer an informed, educated choice of foods, giving guidance and confidence to children enabling them choose the best combination of foods suitable for their individual particular needs.


We aim to set ourselves above the rest by establishing a positive association between diet and education. Eating well and being physically active will improve your children’s health as well as their ability to learn and achieve at school. Encouraging your children to eat healthily now will make them more likely to adopt a healthy lifestyle as they get older.


We believe it is important to encourage and provide opportunities for children to enjoy their school meal times, develop good eating habits and lay the foundations for their future health.