Over the academic year pupils get the opportunity to play and represent their school in a number of competitive sports; primarily rugby, football and cricket for the boys, hockey, netball and rounders for the girls.

In addition to this pupils in the prep school get to experience elements of physical education ranging from gymnastics to judo! Throughout the year fitness is a central part of Finborough Sport, allowing for improved match performance and an overall healthier well being. At the start of every games session pupils are put through their paces in a number of different ways; from x-country runs, drills and shuttle runs to circuit training.

In the senior school pupils have a total of 3.5 hours per week; this may involve team training, fixtures or a squad session. The 3.5 hours comprises of timetabled sport and two sport enrichment sessions where pupils get the chance to participate in a variety of sports such as table tennis, lacrosse, touch rugby, badminton, volleyball and dodgeball.

Golf Academy

In addition to the core sports and the elements of P.E. Finborough School also runs a golf academy. We are situated right behind the Golf course and many of our pupils have regular training sessions at the driving range and on the course. The Golf Academy pupils play in various competitions and always prove successful in one field or another.

Riding Stables

Finborough pupils also have the opportunity to have riding lessons after school. We are within walking distance from the stables and pupils are provided with transport if they require it throughout the year.


Finborough School has beautiful grounds and one of the main features is the expanse of playing fields which greets you as you drive up the main drive. Throughout the year this is utilised as many different arenas. There is space for 3 rugby pitches, 2 football pitches and 2 hockey pitches, the hard court area has 3 netball courts and a basketball court. During the summer term we have a 400m running track, discus and shot put area, javelin area, long and triple jump pit, 4 rounders pitches, a cricket pitch, 2 cricket nets and 4 tennis courts. Plans are in place to build a state of the art sports centre with facilities for indoor sport, aerobics studio, theory lessons, home and away team changing, refreshments, viewing gallery and more storage space.


Finborough has an experienced and highly qualified team of dedicated sports teachers and coaches. Essentially there is a head of girls and boys sport in both the senior school and prep school, these 4 are supported by a number of specialist coaches and teachers throughout the year.

Results over the past three years have been continually improving to the point that a number of squads held unbeaten seasons last year. The determination and commitment to the school name is commendable and all success is rightly deserved. The attitude of these pupils is such that performance and results will go hand in hand. Watch this space!