“Creativity is contagious, pass it on” Albert Einstein.

The pursuit of art and design is an activity worthy of great dedication, but also as a vitally important vehicle to nurture the creativity, passion and individuality of each child at our school.

With a rapidly changing job market and no one in particular knowing what skills will truly be needed in the future all we can say is that creativity and confidence will be skills in high demand.  With this in mind we place great emphasis on encouraging our pupils to be curious, expressive, creative, hard working and above all confident at expressing their original ideas. We feel that a strong art department is the benchmark for a strong and forward thinking school as it enlivens and complements the academic life of our school in a unique way.

Art in the Sixth form provides the opportunity for students to mature into fine young artists, with many progressing to top art Colleges around the country. In both years students will produce two projects, the coursework project that starts in September and finishes in February and then their exam, that starts in February and finishes in May. Candidates will develop their own projects from initial starting points and be nurtured into confident and enthusiastic Artists.

Art at Finborough School is becoming increasingly popular and even though we predominantly teach fine art we have been known to teach for example the Graphic Design syllabus if a student has a particular interest. The aim is enriching not restricting the student.

We are a small department however, both members of staff are highly qualified in contrasting specialism’s which means that each individual student isn’t pigeon holed into a particular area but will be taught a broad spectrum of skills and concepts. Students will work along side both teachers who have their own studio space within the department, and it is the interaction and collaboration between both student and teacher that drives the department forward both at school level and national level.

Each year we offer a variety of art trips for 6th formers ranging from local galleries to trips to London as well as international trips such as the recent trip to New York City with a private tour and lecture about the future of the modern art market at the world-renowned Gagosian Gallery. However, there are only so many trips that we can organise and so it is also important that students freely and regularly visit exhibitions to improve their understanding of current art movements.

Here is an example of the capability of our students – Abby Witham has compiled a video as part of her AS Level ‘Civil Unrest’ project: