In the Sixth Form, geographical skills revolve around the higher order thinking skills’.  Independent research, debating, decision making, seminars and synoptic tasks and use of ICT ensure that pupils are well prepared for university.

The schemes of work are designed to ensure that the main issues and concepts that face young adults, both in their current and future lives are highlighted.  This ensures that they can make better informed decisions and be sensitive to a wide range of viewpoints and challenges.  Pupils study the OCR specification which is an issue and concept based course.  The specification is examined through written papers- there is no coursework element.

Topics covered:

AS Physical Paper – Rivers, coasts and cold environments.

AS Human paper – Rural/urban settlements and energy , including a field trip to London.

A2 Global Issue Paper – Earth, atmospheric hazards and population

A2 Geographical Skills Paper – Tools and processes of geographical research to include a 4 day field trip to Flatford Mill

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