At the most basic level it can be a good story. It can be a puzzle with a million possible solutions but no right answer. It can be a view from “high altitude” at a broad expanse of time or it can be a microscope probing the dark zones of the inner soul. It is judgment and careful analysis. It is organisation and the art of economical communication.


History at Finborough School teaches skills of analysis, interpretation and organisation. It demands and develops thinking and inference making. It promotes the attributes desired in thousands of careers. It equips us to make sense of our world. Where we came from is a part of what we are.

Key aims

  • To understand the past and historical concepts.
  • To be able to evaluate and to interpret the past
  • To be able to communicate effectively and to support reasoning with evidence.

Key skills

  • Comprehension and communication.
  • The ability to explain historical causes and consequences.
  • The ability to analyse by the critical assessment of interpretations and evidence.

Curriculum Outline

  • Russia from 1894 – 1953 from Tzarism to Stalinism. A study in political and social change and dictatorship
  • Britain 1830 -1867 – the age of protest and reform and the early formation and gradual development of a democratic system.
  • Study of the United States of America from 1850 – 1900 – the era of Civil War and the development of a world super power.
  • Study of Nazi Germany and the impact of dictatorship.