Computing and ICT at Finborough sixth form aims to give students an understanding of some of the most dynamic and exciting subject areas.

Computing is complementary to, but quite different from Information and Communication Technology (ICT). ICT is about the use of computers and their applications. Computing is about their design and implementation. ICT can be compared to learning to drive a car whereas computing can be compared to designing, building and maintaining the car.

With both subjects there is an emphasis on abstract thinking, general problem solving, algorithmic and mathematical reasoning, scientific and engineering-based thinking is a good foundation for further study and teaches students how to think critically and methodically. Students learn through independent study as well as collaborative activities and they are assessed by a combination of practical assessments and exams. The department offers numerous opportunities for students to develop skills outside of the classroom such as visits to Universities and local industry.


A Level ICT prepares pupils for an ever increasing number of courses in Higher Education including Business IT, Information Systems, Business or Multimedia. ICT is now an integral part of most workplace situations and people with good ICT skills are always in demand. The course is evenly split giving a solid grounding on the use and effects of ICT in the modern world as well as practical experience in graphics, animation, audio, website and information handling technologies

GCE Computing

The course is designed to appeal to pupils who are simply curious about the inner workings and applications of computers, as well as to those who wish to pursue a career in Computing.  The emphasis of the course is on the application of computers to solving realistic problems.  Computing at both AS and A-Level will prepare pupils for courses in Higher Education including Computing, Software Engineering, Business and Computing or Computing Graphics. The course allows students to develop computational thinking and problem solving skills, both of which are becoming increasingly important in the modern workplace.