Do you enjoy dealing with abstract ideas and trying to apply these to ‘real-life’ situations?  Are you logical and enjoy analysing (breaking down) problems in order to find a solution?  If so then maths A Level may be the subject for you.

But be warned, it is not for the faint-hearted, and requires considerable dedication.  It may send you almost mad with frustration at times when the solution to a problem evades you, but the feeling of satisfaction when an elegant proof to a problem is finally found is second to none.

Here at Finborough School both A level Mathematics and A level Further Mathematics are offered, each being taught as a separate subject. The jump in standard from GCSE to AS/A level is a significant one, and pupils should have a liking for algebra and dealing with abstract concepts.

Mathematics and Further Mathematics can be studied alongside any other discipline. Mathematics is an essential supporting subject for those who wish to study Economics, Engineering or Physics at university and it is a very useful supporting subject for Biology, Geography, Chemistry, Business Studies and Architecture.

The courses are delivered in a variety of teaching styles – every effort is made to meet the individual needs of the pupils. A graphical calculator is a useful, but not absolutely vital, piece of equipment! And A Level lessons are supported by our own department website, which has a host of videos and other resources to help the more independent of learners.