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Boarding at Finborough School is a unique experience.  We offer the chance for children to grow up in a safe, nurturing environment whilst having fun and making lifelong friends.

A safe and nurturing environment with the warmth of a happy and loving family are things that parents naturally place right at the top of their priorities when choosing a boarding school.

The class sizes, academic profile of the school and other strengths such as music, art, drama and sport are also very important.

One advantage of a school which boards both prep and senior pupils is that brothers and sisters can go to school together allowing families to stay in one place.  It also means that the children benefit from the continuity of the same ethos and support all the way through their education and the steadfast relationships they have built remain with them throughout their school lives and beyond.

Our thriving close family of boarders enjoy a wonderfully enriching experience.  All the rooms have en-suite facilities and there is a common room, kitchen and living area in each house.  The vibrant and deeply caring boarding team are responsible for the children’s welfare.  This means everything from ensuring they are wearing the correct uniform to helping them with their homework to reading a bed time story for the youngest in the family.

We can offer weekly, full or flexible boarding options to suit the needs of you and your children.  We have a fun packed weekend activity programme which includes bowling, carting, quad biking, swimming, laser shooting, paint balling and the odd trip to the cinema.  It is fair to say, some of our weekly boarders don’t want to go home at weekends because they feel they are missing out!

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