At Finborough School we pride ourselves on being a little different. Many independent schools these days focus just on academic results. Clearly one of the main reasons that parents choose an independent education for their children is because they want to give them a ‘better’ education. At Finborough School, this means so much more than an excellent inspection report and great grades. We concentrate on developing each and every child so that they continually improve themselves and grow in confidence, which gives them the best preparation for life.

We began to realise just how different we were compared to most independent schools when we carried out some diagnostic research with our staff, pupils and parents. The findings reinforced all the important things we stand for and are now building upon. The word most frequently used to describe the school and the children in it was ‘happy’ – what great feedback! Being small, (we have circa 340 pupils), with a family-oriented environment, encourages children to express themselves and to be confident. Children learn more when they’re happy, our staff perform better when they’re happy and we’re delighted that our parents are happy too!

We put an ambitious development plan in place when we took over the school in 2009. Our first area for investment – personal investment – has been our staff. Using specialist leadership and development consultants we are ensuring that our greatest asset, our staff, are maximising their potential with us. We are using the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, written by Stephen Covey to shape our culture and to date nearly 80% of our teaching staff have attended this 3 day intensive programme.

Financial investment in facilities and equipment has been significant. Our £2.5 million, 647 sq metre multipurpose hall opened in September 2014. The Sky Cafe opened in November 2015 selling Paddy and Scott’s coffee and is run by our Cafe Manager and a team of sixth form baristas. It has been set up as a separate business and they are accountable for its success, providing an outstanding educational and employability opportunity.

A Mac suite, a new computer suite, ensuite boarding facilities and upgrades to the living accommodation for boarders, purpose built sixth form accommodation, dining hall extension and new prep school classrooms are just a few of the other areas that have been invested in over the past few years.


The ground breaking Life Skills programme for pupils in the Senior School has been running for 5 years now. The idea is to prepare our students for the competitive world they will be entering by imparting practical and invaluable skills. These include interview training, presentations skills, influencing tools and techniques including building rapport through effective communication. The sixth form attend the 2 day Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teenager Programme, written by Sean Covey. The transition from GCSE to A level study can be a tricky one and our experience has shown that the habits can help students to become more organised, help them to prioritise and to think about how they interact with others.

Drama, music and sport are very close to our hearts here at Finborough – we feel they’re an integral part of our holistic approach and every child’s enjoyment and motivation. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a pupil grow in stature when performing on stage or hearing how much their confidence has improved because of their performance on the sports field.

High standards are what we expect of all our pupils, whether that is appearance, manners, timekeeping or organisation. Our commitment is to develop pupils that are independent learners and thinkers and feel able to be themselves.
Mr Steven T Clark and his team of staff are committed to providing the best education. The staff care about our pupils, they want them to achieve the highest possible grades and with the introduction of learnability all pupils are constantly striving to improve their ability to learn using 7 key areas. Please click on the link below for more information.

We are passionate about the school; our children are educated here, so we are parents too. We have seen for ourselves what a difference the Finborough ethos can have on the lives of our pupils. We have some who do not want to go home at the end of the day, so much so they have converted to weekly boarding!

Childhood is sacred, a time to explore, to learn, to have fun and to make friends. Come and see for yourself what Finborough School can offer you and your children.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards
James and Louise Sinclair