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Academic Success

This year at Finborough we celebrated an absolutely outstanding set of results with 90% of our excellent pupils achieving at least five good GCSE grades representing the most exceptional value added.

High achievement and exceptional progress are the result of great ‘Learnability’, excellent teaching and an unrelenting focus of the best support for every one of our pupils.

Our Sixth Form students are also to be commended as they each achieved excellent results propelling them all onto their first choice university. They have laid a rock solid foundation at Finborough both academically and through the development of an invaluable set of life skills predicated on Covey’s Seven Habits and a deeply embedded ‘Growth Mindset’.

As their life unfurls we are confident the tremendous start they have enjoyed at Finborough will be a cornerstone of their perpetual success in all aspects of what we hope will be rich and rewarding lives.

We are all incredibly proud of a wonderful group of young people who richly deserve their success. This is also a tremendous affirmation of academic standards at Finborough, both with respect to progress and attainment of the highest grades.

Such achievement is testament to the incredible hard work of our teaching staff, to whom I am hugely grateful. Their universal diligence and belief in our children is just fantastic.
This is inspirational news at the dawn of a new school year, where we will be striving even higher as ‘Better never stops’

Finborough Advanced Programme

For our pupils who show a natural proclivity and aptitude for academic creative thinking we have ‘Umbrella Club’. The club works cross age groups for years two to four, five to eight and nine to thirteen.

The objective is not to accelerate able pupils by giving them more curriculum lessons; our differentiated approach means all children are challenged so such additional input is not needed. Instead we inspire a selected group of able pupils to think beyond the norm, to challenge them creatively, ethically and philosophically. This is achieved through literature, master classes and weekly meetings to enthuse and enthral.

Whether they are elucidating the molecular properties of a vat of custard you can stand on, considering the societal denigration captured in William Golding’s ‘Lord of the Flies’ or collaboratively writing a weighty magazine in less than sixty minutes, the challenges are diverse and engaging.

At Finborough we believe that our most able need to get uninhibitedly excited about their capabilities through experiences which cause them to question and problem solve at a conceptual creative level. Inspiring great young minds to establish a life long propensity for discovery and finding solutions, as they become the innovators of the future.

Mr Steven T. Clark