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Aims & Values

At Finborough School we are committed to providing each pupil with the best preparation for life. We are clear that this will be delivered through a number of different strategies.

1. Recruiting and retaining the best teachers
We have an eclectic group of teachers who bring different life experiences, are from a wide range of countries and are a mix of age groups. Our teachers are involved in wider school life and therefore get a chance to see our pupils in and outside of the classroom. We are investing heavily in their personal and professional development to ensure they are the best educators.

2. Providing the best environment
When we say environment we not only mean the location and facilities but also the day-to-day workings of the school. Multi million pound investment has seen the opening of a new sports hall and the multi purpose Sky Room alongside a Paddy and Scotts café (which the sixth formers can work in around their studies to gain life experience and earn some money!) Refurbished boarding houses and classrooms, a dedicated forest schools area, a dedicated learning lounge and updated computer labs alongside dining room extensions, the list goes on!

3. A commitment to excellence
Our school motto is strive for the highest. This ethos is in everything we do, from a piece of art work to maths homework, to playing for the rugby and netball team or singing in the school choir our pupils are encouraged to give it their all.  Learnability is our unique framework which enables exceptional educational outcomes and truly inspiring life long learning through self awareness that drives the quest for continued improvement We have an outstanding track record of providing value added education, which simply means enabling your child to perform above expectations.

4. Our culture
Our culture is shaped through the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People (link) and the unique Learnability framework (link). A common language has been developed which enables our staff to assist each pupil in developing confidence, self esteem and a sense of identity which in turn ensures students achieve their best academically. At Finborough we want our pupils to be themselves and be proud of who they are.

5. Business Principles
The school has been in business for over 25 years. We are committed to seeing the school continue to grow. We never want to become complacent so we are always observing our competitors with a view to staying one step ahead. We have a sound financial plan which will enable us to continue the school’s development. The school is family owned and family run therefore we are not accountable financially to any other external bodies and do not have to use paying parents’ revenue to subsidise others.