The Learning Experience at Finborough

At Finborough we constantly strive to ensure every pupil has the best possible learning experience in the most quintessentially English setting right in the heart of the beautiful Suffolk countryside.

Buildings and Facilities
Over the summer of 2015 our Principal Mr Sinclair lead an incredible range of work on the schools facilities, including the completion of our beautiful new Sporting and Performing Arts Facility

Our information and communications technology provision has seen a massive overhaul with a new server and major upgrade to our Wi-Fi across the school. Computer rooms in the Senior School have been completely remodelled with all new machines and a link to the library has been incorporated creating a fantastic new learning space. In the Prep School a set of Chrome Books have been purchased to compliment our iPads and the established Mac Suite.

With a plethora of new resources available our use of technology is set to soar. Our development as a Google School is fundamental in this aim. Pupils use of Google Drive, Docs and Mail, the latter being a fully eSafe ‘school only’ communication tool, creates a world of exciting collaborative learning opportunities.

High Expectations
It goes without saying that expectations of basic standards, uniform, politeness, manners and behaviour are very high. Our approach to rewards and sanctions has been updated, bringing a greater emphasis on ‘merits’ across the school and the introduction of ‘Leader of the Week’ in each year group.