Learning Enhancement And Development Centre (LEAD Centre)

We are LEADing the way in all aspects of academic skills, to enable ALL students to keep on top of their studies and to maximise their potential!

Welcome to the Learning Enhancement and Development Centre. We are an experienced multi-disciplinary team, able to offer a range of support and focused courses for all students. Lessons are offered primarily on a one-to-one basis, although paired tuition is also available. We work with students, teaching staff and parents to customize effective teaching programmes to ensure ALL students ASPIRE:

Achieve your potential



Independent learner

Responsible for yourself

Empowered to…

Be the best that you can be

From Day 1 of entry, the Head of the LEAD Centre, who is responsible for whole-school assessment and tracking, will work with the Heads of School, teaching and boarding staff to ensure your child is properly supported to reach his/her potential. From baseline assessment in Nursery, and through Key Stage 1, developmental milestones will be monitored and progress reported to parents at the end of Y2. Tracking will continue through the Prep School and on into the Senior School, to GCSE and A level. We are proactive in identifying any difficulties; whether they are academic, social or developmental. You can be assured that your child’s needs will be identified as early as possible, and appropriate intervention recommended. 

Tuition within the LEAD Centre

Whichever course your child accesses at the LEAD Centre, we support active learning, by engaging students in the teaching/learning process and encouraging personal responsibility. LEAD teachers are mentors and experienced ‘travelling companions’, guiding students on their learning journey toward mutual goals. Open and honest communication is expected and differences between people are respected and appreciated.

Specialist teaching

Focused tutorials

English as an additional Language

JohansenIAS (‘sound therapy’)

Specialist teaching

Approximately 18% of the school population accesses the LEAD Centre for learning support on a regular basis, for help with a range of learning difficulties (dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, auditory processing, attention deficit, speech and language). The LEAD Centre is registered with CReSTeD (The Council for the Registration of Schools Teaching Dyslexic Pupils) as a Dyslexia Unit. Tuition is enjoyable, structured and multi-sensory, and takes place in a friendly and supportive learning environment.

Focused tutorials – available to ALL students

Focused tutorials can help students improve their study skills, prepare for an upcoming assignment and improve exam strategies. We also offer assistance with preparing for the world of work: writing a cv or completing application forms.

The tutorials (2-4 x 1hour lessons) focus on specific areas such as: 

  • Reading for different purposes
  • Note-taking
  • Planning, drafting, writing and editing assignments
  • Strategies for improving proof reading skills
  • Improving revision
  • Exam strategies
  • Writing a CV and completing application forms
  • Other areas by requesy

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

The LEAD Centre has a good reputation for supporting students who require EAL tuition. All students admitted to the school requiring EAL support will be assessed to determine how much assistance they require. Typically, this is 2-4 hours per week specialist one-to-one teaching, in addition to the normal curriculum. The lessons are designed to develop the student’s command of English in speaking, listening, reading and writing.  They will be tailored to individual needs and goals. Students have the opportunity to achieve certificates of competence through the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations and IELTS.

Important note: it may be necessary for overseas students to demonstrate a certain level of competence in English before any student visa can be issued. Contact the school or UK Border Agency for details of the latest regulations relating to this. Our EAL support teacher can also give details of the ‘online’ testing systems available for providing evidence of competency in English.

Fee charges are available – please contact us 

Johansen Individualised Auditory Stimulation – or ‘sound therapy’ for short!

Mrs Karen Barker, Head of LEAD Centre, is a trained registered provider for Johansen IAS (‘sound therapy’ for short). 

We have seen improvements in listening, attention, concentration, understanding, learning, reading, spelling, communication skills and social skills. For some students, the changes have been dramatic. One of our Senior School students feels it has been “life changing”.

Research suggests that good listening is an essential requirement for academic success. An important part of good listening is having efficient auditory processing. This means, that the brain is able to process the sounds we hear, effectively. 

From Y1-13, sound therapy is a home-based programme which involves listening to specially recorded customised music for 10 minutes a day over 9-10 months. The music is specifically designed to gently change and organise auditory (sound) processing by stimulating the nerve pathways within the brain. Following an initial assessment by Mrs Barker, a customised CD is produced. Regular reviews take place throughout the programme, and the CDs are changed after each review. 

As part of the daily routine in Nursery and Reception, there is a focused listening time for 10 minutes every day, when the children listen to a gentler version of the sound therapy CDs. This should improve their listening and concentration skills, which in turn will have a positive impact upon their learning.

Fee charges are the customised programme are available – please contact us

The Wider Work of the LEAD Centre: Supporting Teaching and Learning

The LEAD Centre is committed to supporting teachers in providing effectively for the needs of all students in their classes. During the first INSET days of the academic year, the Head of the Centre makes staff aware of the needs of new students, and suggests strategies that will support specific individuals. Throughout the year, she contributes to staff meetings and provides staff with regular updates on issues relating to learning enhancement and development issues.



Please click here to view the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Act and Accessibility Plan Policy (SENDA).