Individual Education Plans

All students receiving learning support have an Individual Education Plan (IEP). Targets are set in discussion with the students, using SMART principles: Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Realistic, Time based. The extent to which they contribute is age dependent, but even the younger children have an opportunity to be involved.

Copies of IEP’s are sent to parents at the start of the Autumn and Spring Terms. The targets are formally reviewed at the end of the Autumn and Summer terms, after which the outcomes are reported to parents in the end of term report.


Ongoing Assessment

We use a range of assessment strategies to inform teaching and promote successful learning:

Summative assessments (tests) produce snapshots of a particular aspect of children’s learning on a specific occasion.

Formative assessment (day-to-day) involves the teacher focusing on how learning is progressing during the lesson, determining where improvements are to be made and identifying the next steps. 

Assessment for learning makes full and effective use of our assessment strategies by engaging the students in the process. We help them to judge how well they are doing by sharing with them the learning objectives (what is to be learned) and the learning outcomes (what we expect them to be able to do after they have learned it). We identify where they have been successful and what they need to work on next to progress.