Initial Assessment

During one of the trial days all prospective students undertake an assessment with the Head of Centre. Tests of verbal ability, non verbal ability, spelling, reading and maths are used. Further specialist assessment is recommended when appropriate. Students who enter the school with a known difficulty must provide a current (within 2-years) Educational Psychologist’s report. The School accepts students with statements, if we are able to meet their needs.

Current students: teachers who recognise a student is having difficulty will discuss this with the Head of the Centre. Parents/carers and students are encouraged to share any concerns they might have with form tutors/Head of Centre.

Individual Tuition for Specific Learning Difficulties

In consultation with the student, the LEAD teacher will establish an individually tailored programme of study. They will jointly set the IEP targets and outcomes. Lessons are fast-paced, varied, enjoyable and always offer the student opportunities to experience success. Structured, cumulative, multi-sensory approaches are used.

Generally, lessons in Key Stages 1, 2 and 3 are skills-based, whereas lessons in Key Stages 4 and 5 are more likely to focus on coursework and exam preparation. LEAD teachers liaise closely with subject teachers to ensure students are fulfilling all necessary course requirements, and are adequately prepared for exams.