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Welcome from the Headmaster

It gives me the greatest pleasure to welcome you to our website and introduce you to our unique approach at Finborough School. I am extremely proud to be leading a truly excellent school, with a beautifully positive ethos and an unrelenting focus on success.

Providing ‘the best preparation for life’ is something we take very seriously, and I would like to set out how this aspiration is achieved at our school.

Finborough is a learning family in every sense. Each of our pupils are known really well, valued and cherished, for their individual abilities and attributes. From day one in our outstanding Nursery through to the Sixth Form, we do not relent in our care and unfettered ambition for every child. It is so special to be able to educate children from two to eighteen years of age, watching them grow, and emerge as young adults, ready for the world.

At Finborough, children can be the best version of themselves, without the impediments or insecurity that can plague the most formative years of a young person’s life. Our nurturing approach, set alongside high expectations and steadfast support, enables us to bring out the best in each individual.

Pupils’ extremely high standards of behaviour and conduct, alongside their positivity and receptiveness, make them a joy to teach, enabling the most productive and effective lessons.

Excellent teachers enjoy an exceptional, professionally rewarding experience. Comparatively small classes, of beautifully behaved and motivated pupils, supported by outstanding facilities and technology, enable consistently excellent teaching. Our comprehensive, professional learning programme ensures teachers are genuinely at the top of their game and continue to develop their skills.

Our traditional yet progressive curriculum and focus on ‘Learnability’ enables a truly bespoke approach to captivate and inspire every single pupil.‘Learnability’ is our unique approach to developing our pupils’ voracity for knowledge, understanding and betterment. The opportunity to perpetually focus on marginal learning gains is an exceptionally powerful tool for both school and life beyond.

Undoubtedly, being an independent or even interdependent learner with a ‘better never stops’ growth mindset are key factors in Finborough pupils becoming highly successful people, dovetailing perfectly with our focus on Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, at the core of our innovative and progressive leadership programme at the school.

This philosophy extends way beyond the classroom. It finds its way out onto the sports field, onto the stage and to the creative confidence required at the easel. The wealth of experiences on offer for Finborough pupils is astounding and, as you might expect, their engagement is quite exceptional.

For our community of boarders – full, weekly or those who stay over occasionally through our flexi boarding options – Finborough really is a home from home. They are cared for expertly by a fantastic team of house staff and enjoy a plethora of opportunities beyond the packed school schedule.

To conclude on a personal note, my wife and I are in no doubt that Finborough is the perfect choice for our two daughters. Seeing them happy and thriving, as they enjoy the richness and challenge of school life, is all the confirmation we need. I am driven to ensure that every pupil has a fantastic experience, as they grow through the School, prepared for a truly wonderful life.

Mr Steven T. Clark,