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We invite 13-16 year olds to present a piece of artwork along the theme of Environment – The co-existence of living beings and their surroundings. You are invited to produce an original response to your interpretation of ‘Environment’.

Artworks can be made of any materials; anything from a painting, sculpture, photograph or installation.

A photograph of your artwork and a short written statement explaining why you have created your work and what it means to you must be submitted to flairartprize@finborough.school.

Please also include your full name, current school, date of birth and contact details on your application.

Our wonderful judge John Frith will be returning and looking for original artwork. Please do not submit a piece of work that is a copy of another artist’s image or drawings of characters that already exist such as cartoon characters.

To secure your entry please scan the QR code

All entries to be received by Saturday 13th January 2024

Finalists will be shortlisted and invited to showcase their work at the Flair Open Art Gallery held at Finborough School on SATURDAY 10th FEBRUARY with our returning guest judge John Frith.