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Food at Finborough

Food at Finborough is a hot topic and that is because our Head Chef involves our pupils in the development of the menus. Each week a form group picks a theme and our team of talented chefs and assistants cook it for the whole school. So far we have enjoyed a Japanese theme, with homemade sushi being served; an Indian theme, with a selection of curries and naan breads; and an American theme, with burgers and hotdogs (all with vegetarian options). Our boarders also meet to discuss evening menu suggestions and their evening snacks.

When Finborough is home, it is essential that you eat healthy, nutritious meals with occasional treats. This ethos is applicable to our entire community.

Until Year 2, our teachers sit with the children at mealtimes, to ensure table manners are developed, food is eaten and water is drunk! From Year 3 onwards we are building independence and pupils make their own choices. Teachers sit with prep school children and the pupils ask if they can leave the table, allowing our staff to monitor what they have eaten whilst also getting them used to clearing up after themselves. We are in the business of education. At Finborough, we firmly believe that that involves educating our pupils to make the right choices when it comes to food. At lunch there is always a meat, fish and vegetarian option alongside vegetables, such as kale and broccoli. A salad bar with sixteen different options (which change daily) or hot soup are lighter alternatives, and for those that need extra ‘fuel’, pasta is served too with a variety of homemade sauces.

Senior school pupils sit together and, if anyone requires more food, they only have to ask.

We are a nut free school and special dietary requirements are catered for. Our Head Chef knows personally which pupils require an alternative menu choice. Healthy snacks such as homemade protein bars and fruit are provided at morning break for all pupils (Year 1 upwards) and the whole school enjoys biscuit treats on a Friday.

The Dining Hall and Kitchen are the engine rooms of the school. Our menus change seasonally and we will always provide a varied selection of healthy, nutritious food which helps our pupils to make the right choices and equips them with the energy to learn and develop.

Please view our current menu’s here:

*Please note, menu’s may be subject to change.