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Inspection Reports

Dear Parents,

I am extremely pleased and proud to share with you a copy of the report written by ISI following their inspection of Finborough in November 2016.

The inspection followed a new ISI format agreed by the DFE where both regulatory compliance and education quality are reported on.

Finborough was found to be fully compliant with all regulations and excellent in both areas that are inspected for education quality, academic and other achievements alongside pupils’ personal development.

Having excellence universally recognised by ISI across all facets of the school is a tremendous affirmation of what we do at Finborough. The drive and dedication we have to ensure that every one of our children has an exceptional learning experience, achieving their very best with an infectious positive attitude towards life and the great futures that lay ahead of them.

The large number of parents who responded to the ISI questionnaire sent out during the inspection provided exceptionally positive feedback with areas for further development highlighted beautifully for our continued development.

The unique approach we take through both ‘Learnability’ and Covey’s Seven Habits was particularly recognised as a significant strength of the school and central to the excellent outcomes for both academic and other achievements and pupils’ personal development.

Finborough is an excellent school in every respect, truly providing the best preparation for life, however we retain the strongest possible drive to keep getting better for all of our wonderful children.

Mr Steven T. Clark